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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Certified Therapist in EMDR Therapy
EMDR/Flash Technique


Treatment includes a sense of safety and security. More negative effects from childhood, severe and prolonged trauma, abandonment, divorce, sexual and physical abuse all can lead to depression, anxiety and PTSD. One of the essential ingredients I work with besides psychoanalytic psychotherapy and EMDR/Flash therapy is the essential element of rapport, listening attentively allowing for the patient to feel completely heard creates trust, a special connection between myself and the patient. Once rapport is established it is continually nurtured to deepen the patient’s sense of security and safety.

I work with the expertise and ability to communicate, holding the patients’ needs is foremost; allowing for progress, achievement and connection to transform, crafting new ways of seeing and believing. I have professional experience working with interpersonal and environmental influences along with one’s childhood experiences and development throughout their life span. Treatment results include an individual’s freer self-expression, increased creativity expression, showing more self-esteem regulation, the capacity for joy and pleasure and the feeling of accomplishment in finding one’s own way.

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