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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Certified Therapist in EMDR Therapy
EMDR/Flash Technique

EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing

I have extensive basic and advanced EMDR training experience. I was trained in EMDR in 2006 and received certification in 2007. I went on to further study EMDR in multiple workshops throughout the years in my private practice, including in 2017 when the beginning of (EMDR/Flash; Flash Technique) was developed by Dr. Philip Manfield. Flash Technique is a therapeutic intervention for reducing trauma. EMDR/Flash is minimally intrusive while processing traumatic memories. Flash Technique combined with EMDR can allow for painless and rapid resolution.

Flash can now be considered evidence-based as a technique for trauma-trained therapists like myself to help make disturbing memories less disturbing. Publications in peer-reviewed journals have documented its use with traumatic life events, motor vehicle accidents, dissociative identity disorder, earthquake victims, healthcare providers working with COVID-19, patients and individuals with and post COVID-19. Both EMDR and Flash are successful in treating depression, anxiety, phobia, panic and avoidance. Symptoms can arise from many different circumstances throughout our life. My approach with EMDR/Flash therapy is for positive results to accrue and move past emotional traumatic situations as well as emotional setbacks for the relief of somatic and emotional distress.

Equally important, Francine Shapiro developer of EMDR states in her book (2001) Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing that EMDR is an integrative psychotherapeutic approach to treat trauma. Shapiro states that a continued pattern of affect, cognitions, behavior and consequent identity structures can be set in motion by earlier life experiences. There appears to be an imbalance in the nervous system when someone experiences a severe psychological trauma. I utilize both EMDR and Flash within my private practice for treating any form of trauma.

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